Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting ready for my Marine Mammal Center externship!

My brother and my Mom came over this weekend to help fix a few things around the house and get some cleaning done as well.  We got the upstairs bathroom cleaned, the kitchen, the downstairs bathroom, and also got lots of stuff to Goodwill.

Then I drove my Mom home with the dogs and all their stuff, spent the night, and left in the morning.  That was this morning and it was hard to leave them knowing I wouldn't see them for two months.  I came home, got the fish out of the fishtank, and brought them to Aquarium Adventures.  Now I'm taking a break while the wash machine is going before starting to figure out what I'm bringing and how I'll pack. 

It's been crazy, but I can't wait to see Ed.  It's just so hard being torn between him and the dogs and feeling so unsettled.  Still, working with seals and sea lions should be well worth it.  I'm super excited!  But also stressed out and nervous with everything there is to think about:  mail, the grass getting mowed, and trying to think of everything I'll need for the next 2 months that I'll be away from home #1.  I think I'll feel better once I'm on the plane.  Until then it's work, work, work!