Thursday, July 28, 2005

Kite Surfing!

A couple years ago I really wanted to learn how to surf. I looked up places in Hawaii where you can stay at a resort and learn, etc -but eventually I realized that I live about 1500 miles from the nearest ocean and perhaps surfing wouldn't be the most practical sport to pick up. But now that's all changed. I found "kite surfing".

Here's a good slideshow to see what kite surfing is about:

It looks like even more fun than surfing, and "the windy city" is the PERFECT place for it. -Problem? It costs about $500 for lessons, it's a difficult sport to learn, and it's about $2000 for the starter equipment. -That being said, I'd sign up in a minute if I could find someone willing to go with me.



Thursday, July 21, 2005

Too much going on at once... Frustrated...

  • I call and reschedule our dental appointments.
  • I call our travel agent to let her know that her postcard said "The Steeve-Mason Wedding Cruise" instead of 'Steeve-Marshall'. I also asked for our cabin numbers so I can fill out the paperwork for the wedding.
  • I confirm the directions to the Dunes, the cost to get in, etc. So Ed can write an email to his coworkers.
  • Ed says I should cancel one of the campsites, so I call and cancel it.
  • My Mom calls and asks me to call the travel agent and book a cabin for my brother. I do.
  • The travel agent calls back with the room numbers, but has our cabin wrong and everyone's meal times wrong.
  • I send out an email to everyone with their cabin numbers and a map of the floor we're all on.
  • I get home and Ed wants me to make chili to bring camping. He wants chipotle peppers in it. I make the chili, then he tells me that the people camping with us don't like spicy food. The chili is spicy. Are we bringing it anyway? No. Okay, we'll have it for dinner tomorrow.
  • After that I do laundry so we have stuff to pack for the camping trip and stuff to wear when we get back in case we don't have time to do laundry on Sunday night.
  • Ed asked me yesterday to email Rudy about the available bed in Jeff's cabin. I email him about it.
  • When we get home Ed decides we'll bring the chili camping after all. Okay, so what's for dinner? Luckily we have frozen pizzas. I make frozen pizza for us instead.
  • We leave for the Dunes Friday after work, and there's a lot to get done before we go. I want to get the shopping over with. I ask Ed to come with, he says he doesn't feel like it. -Neither do I.
  • Ed invites Kris over.
  • I drag all the stuff out of the shed and start going through it so we can get it all packed on Friday night and figure out if we need to buy anything before we go shopping tomorrow. Ed helps a little, but since he has company, I do most of it. After an hour and a half of sorting stuff out I realize it's bedtime and go take a shower, etc.
  • Ed wakes up late as usual. 5 minutes before we leave, just as he's finished getting dressed, he realizes it's garbage day and I have to help him get the garbage together so we can leave ASAP.
  • And the day has just begun... I have to resume packing our camping equipment, pack our clothes, shop for equipment we need, and shop for groceries for the trip.
I know it'll be nice to get away and go camping, but I really need a break RIGHT NOW!!!