Monday, October 08, 2007

Dream: Threat on marriage cruise

Last night I dreamed we were on a cruise where Ed an I were to be married. Ed popped in and out of the dream, but I was mostly alone. This was kindof a sequel to similar dreams I had before we got married...

First, there was a flashback to the previous dreams where I was on IM in the cabin alone at night and some guy and I were having a conversation. But, when he found out where I was and why, he started threatening me -saying he was going to kill me, rip me to shreds, etc. Not too long after I found out that others on the ship were getting similar threats and 2 girls were already missing and one was found dead in "suspicious circumstances". So, I was scared. At night Ed wasn't there. When the threat became known throughout the ship, my brother stayed with me in the room.

...I think the threatening person may have been me? (I went to bed being angry with Ed...)