Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Animal Shelter Drama

The shelter I've volunteered for for 4 years or so is close to collapse and it makes me so sad.  It's not a money issue.  It has nothing to do with the animals.  It's the people.  And it's such a shame.

I've had issues with them, but most of the issues surrounded the Director and I was really hopeful the shelter would improve after he left this fall.  But, instead, internal conflict between Board Members and Members of the shelter is making it much, much worse.

At this point it's devolved into 2 groups of people that hate each other enough to stop talking to anyone perceived to not be on their side.  Membership meetings, I'm told, are full of accusations and attempts to bring the other side down.  And no one seems to be trying to make things work.  In fact, one side has started a public blog defending their position and they are bringing the whole shelter down in the process.

So, here's me.  I'd love to start a shelter of my own one day.  And here's what I see:  a fantastic facility, in a good location, with a surgery room to benefit not only their own animals, but the animals of the community as a whole as well.  And it's going to waste over ego, in-fighting, grudges.  It's a shame.  I wish people would step back and take a look at what they are doing, let go of hurt feelings, take a look at the facts, and find a way to work together.  I'm just afraid that they won't know what they had until they destroy it.  :(