Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paleo Diet Day 1

First of all, I'm in this for weight loss, but also looking at this as a way to maintain my goal weight once I get there.  So...

Starting weight:  147 this morning, been fluctuating up to 149 over the last week.
Diet:  A little all over the place today since I didn't go shopping with this diet in mind yet (aside from dinner). 
  • Breakfast:  2 eggs 
  • Lunch:  3 slices of bologna with 2 slices of cheese and a sun dried tomato chicken sausage
  • Dinner:  Thai Chicken Curry Soup 
  • Beverages:  Coke Zero and a Lo-Carb Monster
So, today was more of an Atkins/Paleo day and I'm disregarding the Paleo idea of no soda or caffeine (baby steps!).  My Mom is coming to stay the weekend with me, so I'll be off the diet until Monday anyway.  After that I intend to be more Paleo and not eat processed meats and minimize dairy as much as possible.  The soup was AMAZING!!!  In fact, I ended up expanding the recipe a bit after tasting it.  I used 2 13oz cans of coconut milk and 32oz of chicken stock and added carrots as well.  I thought I wanted more chicken, and maybe to be Paleo I should have more, but the chicken wasn't really the best part.  The broth was so good I'd be happy with that alone.  Anyway, I ended up with 4 16oz jars leftover so I'll have lunches covered next week assuming I don't break them open while my Mom is here to show off.  "Look I actually cooked something and it was good!"  :-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rule for life #1: Want VS Have

You can like things without wanting them for yourself.

You ultimately want a simple life.  To be able to pack up and move.  To not need extra room in a living space for your stuff.  Or more stuff to dust.

So many times you've seen something, wanted it, got it, and then let it sit in a corner unused.  It's a waste of money, space, and ultimately that brief period of happiness from the purchase fades to guilt for not putting it to its proper use.